History of Pharmacy

History of the Pharmacy

According to first written records, pharmacy as a separate career paid by the Split community is first mentioned towards the end of the 13th century and the beginning of 14th century. The pharmacists are appointed by the community for the population and association with doctors is prohibited (City Statute 1312)

The pharmacies have changed their form over the year, and the oldest one remaining today in Split is the one in the first floor of the building in Marmontovoj 2. This one has kept its original function, furniture and remaining equipment. It was open by Mr. Jovo Matačić in 1854. The space was furnished by Italian furniture, from an Italian pharmacy, around 1890. The furniture was adapted to the space, and as a proof of its authenticity, there are ornamental neo renaissance features and figures of Galen, Greek doctor in Rome (129-199 AD), and Eskulap, god doctor in the Roman mythology. It has been privately owned until nationalization in 1948.

After World War II, there were 12 privately owned pharmacies in the Split municipality area, 9 of which in Split itself and one in Saštel Sućur, Kaštel Stari and Solin. In 1948, all pharmacies have been nationalized and the People’s Pharmacies Company was formed.  In 1954, the People’s Pharmacies Company was shut down and 10 individual pharmaceutical companies were established.

In the meantime, some companies have moved their headquarters (from Krešimir Street to Narodni trg – 1954, from Solinska to Gundulića Street). In 1962, seven pharmacies integrate into a new institution, the City Pharmacy Institution, while the ones in Solin, Kaštel Sućur and Kaštel Stari remain independent until 1964 when they became members of a single institution. After unification, the institution grew with the foundation of Galen laboratory (1965), foundation of sanitary product division and a number of other pharmacies.

In 1993, the City Pharmacy changes ownership from community to county and changes its name to Split Pharmacy. As such, it employs 126 workers. With the return of property achieved after denationalization of the first pharmacy which entered the institutions and were basis for network of pharmacies growth, as well as the total development of the institution, situation becomes uncertain, because the market has no understanding towards the pharmaceutical industry and with that, pharmacy itself, one of the oldest industries in this city.

As of January 1st 2004, according to a Split-Dalmatia County decision, Split Pharmacies are awarded all pharmacies belonging to the Split-Dalmatia healthcare center (seven pharmacies and depots), which haven’t been rented to the resident mr.pharm.

In the beginning of 2004, the same governing body decided that Makarska Pharmacies, Sinj Pharmacies and Split Pharmacies should all be joined into a single institution called Split-Dalmatia County Pharmacies. In this form, the institution is performing its activities through 30 pharmacies, 3 medicines depots and 2 laboratories (Galen laboratory and Galen product quality control laboratory).