The oldest pharmacy in Split…

The oldest pharmacy in Split is the one on the ground floor in the building at 2 Marmont St. It was opened in 1856 by the pharmacist Jovo Matačić. He equipped the space with the furniture from an Italian pharmacy, around 1890. The furniture is adjusted to its new space, and its originality is seen in its ornamental Neo-Renaissance decorations and the artistic paintings of Galen and Asclepius. According to some data, carved shelves and pharmacy equipment arrived from some pharmacy in Chioggi, and according to different information, from Rimini. It is quite certain that the furniture was not new even then. At the beginning of 20th century, the pharmacy was bought by a pharmacist named Bonetti, and his family kept it until its nationalisation.

It was privately owned until its nationalisation in 1948. At first, it was transferred into public ownership, and later it was incorporated into City Pharmacies. At first,Pharmacist Niko Bonetti was the manager of Matačić Pharmacy, and later, he became its owner. Pharmacist Ermeland(o) Rocco, born in 1882, graduated from pharmacy school in Zagreb on October 31st 1919 and he first worked in the Supetar Pharmacy on Brač island and later in the People's Pharmacy no. 4, in Split. In 1953, he was the president of the FDH – Split branch. Pharmacist Marija Duboković, born on 1933, was the manager of the pharmacy from 1980 to 1989. In 2001, the nationalised pharmacy was returned to the Ilić family, which later sold the space. A part of the space in the pharmacy has been set aside (pharmacy manager's room, lab and warehouse), and the new space has been built in the yard. The new owners of the space claimed that the historical furniture of the pharmacy belongs to them, although it is owned by the Bonetti family.

Due to being located in the busiest street in the centre of the City, the pharmacists of this pharmacy also run a depot in Lastovo, offering their services to ships and some agencies. In 1984, the workers of this pharmacy were given a diploma, which is a recognition from the Chamber of Commerce of Dalmatia: "for tourism hospitality," as being employees of the most deserving institution of the city and the first to receive it, because the pharmacy offers not only help with prescriptions and medical aids, but it does so with kind words as well.

The pharmacy is under the protection of the Ministry of Culture, as is its historic furniture and functional reception area. Since 1890, it has represented the city well with its impressive interior, its two front windows that allow for large amounts of light to bathe the inside, as well as its convenient location, among the most beautiful areas of the city.