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About us

The Split-Dalmatia county Pharmacy is a public healthcare institution owned by the county, and at the same time, the biggest and oldest pharmacy in the county.

Pharmaceutical services are offered in 30 pharmacies, 3 medicines depots, Galen laboratory and Galen products quality control laboratory. The main activity of the institution is medicines and medical product supply to the population, healthcare institutions and other legal subjects as well as healthcare providers in private practices. In addition to the medicines, we supply homeopathic products, children’s food, dietary supplements, dietary provisions, cosmetic products, orthopedic aids and other health care products determined by the general act made by the Chamber.

We provide medical service through other activities:

  • pharmaceutical products production and quality control
  • prescription counseling, proper medicine application, homeopathic medicine application, dietary product use with the goal of health promotion and better pharmacotherapy effects.
  • self-medication counseling and medical calls to the public
  • internship organization for Masters of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical technicians. The establishment employs over 200 experts, 83 Masters of Pharmacy, 80 pharmaceutical technicians and 48 other employees. The institution is run by the president and vice-president whose work is overseen by a five member council (3 member appointed by the founder, and one member from the Workers and Expert councils respectively). In addition to the mentioned, other councils in the institution are: Expert collegiums, Ethics committee and Quality committee.